Listing Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial section! This page will show you the ropes of Adding, Removing and Updating listings on

Creating your listing

To add your server to, please invite our bot using the widget below. This will redirect you to a special discord page which will help you add our bot.

Invite Bot

Once you have selected a server & added the bot, a "listing" will be created. This listing contains all of the basic infomation about your server and also creates a permanent invite link so users can join.

Please note that you will have to either tick "Create instant invite" when inviting the bot or have a role setup with "Instant Invite" checked for a listing to appear on

Customizing your listing

If you would like to add customizations like descriptions to make your server stand out in, please enter this command into a text channel on the same discord server you added the bot: `?setup`.

The bot will then display all of the items you can add in order to spruce up your listing on!

Removing your listing

To remove your listing/server from, simply kick the bot out of your server; this will in turn, automatically delete the listing.

Please note that if you re-add the bot, all of your customizations will be saved.