About Jilk.pw

Welcome to the about section of Jilk.pw, this page will give you some basic infomation on what Jilk.pw is and who created it.

What is Jilk.pw?

Jilk.pw is a new, unbiased Discord Server List that can help you find awesome Discord Servers or even promote your own server to boost users!

Developing with Jilk.pw

Jilk.pw has a publically avalible REST API for any services to connect to. This can be a specific listing/server on Jilk.pw with `https://jilk.pw/api/v1.0/publicspecific?guild_id=x` where the guild_id is x or getting all listing/servers with `https://jilk.pw/api/v1.0/publicall`.

If you would like to connect to the Jilk.pw API easily inside of Python, please view this PyPi module (repository).


  • Owez
    • Frontend
    • Backend
    • Support/Marketing
  • Confuzzled
    • Support/Marketing

Technical Rundown

Jilk.pw was made as a large learning project over the span of 2 months to learn about full-stack web development. Jilk.pw uses Flask, a Python-based web framework on the server-side and PostgreSQL for the database. For the frontend, Jilk.pw utilitses a small amount of the boostrap framework but most of it is achived with custom CSS.